Great Lakes Drain System ™ was formerly known as frame-a-drain, which is not to be confused with CertainTeed's Form-A-Drain®.

Patent #6669404

When it rains, it drains... Great Lakes Drain System™!

High performance foundation drainage system at a competitive price.

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published September 2013, for national product approval information.

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Strip  Drain properties

1) Geosynthetic Filtered Fabric:
Holds back the soil and allows water to enter the core.

Geotextile fabrics have outstanding water flow levels, providing water to enter the drainage core quickly. The fabric is attached to the core preventing the backfill from entering the core channels and is resistant to clogging.

2) Molded Plastic Core:

The core is made of high strength plastic and provides tremendous in-plane water flow levels. It is made to withstand the tough backfill stages and will provide better drainage than the old pipe and stone method. several inherent limitations and shortcomings.

  • Quickly gets water away from the wall, relieving hydrostatic head pressure.
  • Provides a channel to get the water down to the collection system.

The strip drain replaces pipe and gravel foundation drains and french drains. The lightweight strip drain costs less, drains better and is easy to install. With its consistent performance characteristics and NES code approval, it has become the drain of choice.

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