Great Lakes Drain System ™ was formerly known as frame-a-drain, which is not to be confused with CertainTeed's Form-A-Drain®.

Patent #6669404

When it rains, it drains... Great Lakes Drain System™!

High performance foundation drainage system at a competitive price.

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published September 2013, for national product approval information.

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McIntosh Poured Walls and Concrete, Inc.

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Great Lakes Drain System reference letter;

As the Great Lakes Drain System™ product continues to gain popularity we will post some of the positive feedback.  Thanks Mark for comments!  Mark Homepage is McIntosh Poured Walls & Concrete.

 McIntosh Poured Walls and Concrete, Inc.            

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    February 6, 2006


    Subject: Great Lakes Drain System™ Foundation Drainage System


    Dear Don,


    I am writing you this short note thanking you for introducing me to the Great Lakes

    Drain System.


    As owner of a poured wall foundation contractor in the highly competitive southeast

    Michigan market, I am always interested in looking at product that can increase my

    competitive edge without compromising on the quality of the finished product. The Great Lake

    Drain System has proved to be one of those unique products that help me reduce cost by

    saving multiple trips to the jobsite and better utilization of on site labor.


    I have been especially pleased with the idea of using the drain strip vertically on the outside

    of the walls at the beam pockets and at the other potential problem areas.


    The footing crews now use the time that was otherwise lost waiting for the footing inspection

    to install the drain system onto the footing rails. The result is that we save money with the

    reduced labor and material costs.


    It is a welcome opportunity not having to purchase peastone or spend additional time placing

    stone or drain tile (especially in the winter months)!


    Best wishes for a productive 2006.



Mark A. Foldenauer

    Mark A. Foldenauer




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